Friday, 12 August 2011

Panic On the Streets of London

So I hope everyone has been safe the last week or so. Living in Hackney has been a wierd experience, to put it mildly. Thankfully everything is now calming down. I don't know if I should begin talking about why it might have all happened here, as that's a lengthy discussion, with a lot of different stuff to add.
One thing that has happened is that some of our eps, as well as music by other artists on our label Broken Sound (Mariner's Children, Rachael Dadd) and on labels such as Domino, Rough Trade, Warp, Fat Cat, Rock Action, etc, were in a warehouse that was the centre of distribution for PIAS, which was burnt down on Tuesday:
Pretty dark, and a nasty blow for all the independent labels involved. .
At least no-one was hurt, which is the main thing. Hope everyone's good, see you at the Roofpark in Dalston on the 25th August.

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