Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Eyes & No Eyes

Perhaps I should explain. Tristram (the person) is still alive, and writing. Tristram (the band) is now not Tristram (the band), and is instead something new called Eyes & No Eyes. All the people involved are exactly the same, so perhaps this is something of a deception, but we feel that our music has evolved a great deal since we first started playing together, and is now something that grows out of a collaborative effort from all of us, so it was getting a bit wierd for us to just have the name of one band member. When 'Tristram' was a new project, it was originally a solo folk one, which evolved into a slightly more fully orchestrated version of the same thing. The newer songs that we have been writing and have started performing are so far removed from the old ones that it doesn't really make sense anymore to be called the same thing.
Eyes & No Eyes is the name of a combined fiction/natural history book published in 1900. The rational behind the name is that everything alive either
has eyes or it doesn't, (another way of saying fauna or flora basically), and also maybe that if you have eyes you should use them to look at stuff and learn about it. . This is what the book looked like:

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