Friday, 21 January 2011

Manchester Scenewipe

This is us, on a fire escape in Manchester, playing 'Song for Laurie', wrapped up in a load of layers. It was filmed for Manchester Scenewipe blog, whilst we were on tour with Mariner's Children in October (or was it November by that point?). The fire escape belonged to a pub called the Dulcimer, which I'd thoroughly recommend.

On a related note, our friends The Mariner's Children are playing at an event at Cecil Sharp House tomorow (saturday 22nd) night, which is called 'Shhh', and is billed as a festival for quiet music. They aren't actually particularly quiet, but I think the venue really suits them: it was founded in memory of Cecil Sharp who was a pioneering collector of old British and American folk songs, which he preserved by traipsing around the countryside talking to people in pubs and the like and notating all the old songs they remembered. 
Also playing is Stuart Braithwaite, of Mogwai fame, and Tasseomancy, who used to be called Ghost Bees. I haven't heard this newer incarnation, but Ghost Bees songs are great ('Sinai' is really good), and lots of other people are playing as well. This is the link to the Local's site, (the promoters), with the details:

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