Thursday, 27 January 2011


This is an interview we (actually just me) did for a French blog called 97 Rue du Rock. .
Why does everything sound better in French:
 We've also been having fun putting it through internet translators, which has yielded gems such as:
'There are some groups with which we already played and which one feels near musicalement speaking: Mariner' S ChildrenPeggy SweatSons off Christmas and AdrianLaishLulu and the Lampshades.'
and also:
'Until now, I write the words and I pose base melody. Then, one spends the hours to test above, with bidouiller the structure and everyone takes part in the writing. One would like to compose like that, while jammant together. It is not yet really the case, but it is it towards what one tends.'
Also, Lulu and the Lampshades launch on Wednesday at the Lexington is sold out! Good news! Hope to see you there. .

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