Monday, 25 October 2010


Yes indeed. Tour starts today, 1st gig is in York, then Leeds, Manchester, Norwich, Brighton, then a little break, then Bristol, Falmouth, Exeter and Oxford. . We're all a little bit excited.  .
Also, we made some videos of us playing songs from the new Ep in Greg's warehouse, with lamps, and a slide projector, more on those soon. .
In other news i've been sick, quite a lot, (boo). But i did manage to cycle 40 miles on saturday to look at an old house (, which was probably not terribly sensible, what with spending most of the important pre-tour practice the previous day lying under a duvet listening to Becca making wierd noises with a cello anda loop station (yes, loop station, how post-rock). .
Tris x

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