Saturday, 30 October 2010

Tour part 1

So, playing brighton tonight, which concludes part 1 of tour. Currently sitting in a sunny kitchen drinking tea with a dog named Darcy.
So far it's been pretty ace, highlights include, but are not limited to:
Scenery; various beautiful areas of Britain viewed through the few bits of window not obscured by instruments and band clutter.
Dancing, in a variety of locations, most of it pretty enthusiastic/special, (including knee slides and the occasional pile on).
An admittedly lame but improving 'tour beard' on my part.
An acoustic session on a fire escape in Manchester, all wrapped up in big coats.
Autumn. Phoar.
Photo shoot next to a horse at TM's parents house in the Norfolk countryside.
A drunken blues jam in a wendy house.
BBC Online Introducing session in the Bicycle Shop in Norwich, which is a very nice place.
Really good crowds of people pretty much everywhere we've been, which is really really good.
More soon.
Tris x


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