Monday, 12 September 2011

Last Night was Great

So many amazing bands at Foxtrot, and also lovely people, these two things generally intersecting. .
Our set went ok, but I a pretty 'interesting' day regarding stage chat (ie. it was excruciatingly awkward). Everyone was pretty nice about it.
Watched Laish, Dancehalls, Lulu & the Lampshades and Alessi, as well as Peggy Sue, who were standardly great. Also, an amazing set by Emma Gatrill, who sings with Sons of Noel & Adrian and Mariner's Children, playing her own songs on harp, acoustically in a very quiet awestruck room.
Also something to check out is our friend Ben, under his alias 'Loud Like a Lion', who makes wierd and moving folk noises with a guitar from Argos and his voice:
Peggy Sue 'Acrobats' launch tonight, just so you don't forget. .

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