Eyes & No Eyes met at art school in Brighton and developed a shared passion for explosive noise, surreal lyrics, driving motorik beats and free improvisation – whilst never forgetting to keep a solid song foundation.
The band have spent the last year recording their debut album and racking up tours and shows around the UK and Europe with the likes of Do Make Say Think, Gravenhurst, Damo Suzuki and Sons of Noel and Adrian.

The self-titled debut album was recorded live to capture the energetic interplay between the four members – guitar, bass, drums and cello – with some extra analog synths and warped electronics added to thicken the textures by the band and collaborator / co-conspirator Woodpecker Wooliams.

Other sounds were collected from far-flung corners, including overdubs recorded in various cities whilst on the road with Gravenhurst, field recordings of fireworks punctuating the dystopian soundscape of album closer The Drowned World, and even shimmering grand piano ripples recorded in Sydney Opera House.

Piece all that together and you have an album that features unpredictable songwriting and arrangements like those of This Heat and Portishead, delicately walking the fine line between noise and pop drawn up by Sonic Youth and Liars.

The album will be preceded by a 7” single in June featuring the tracks If No One Else Saw It and Flying Machine. The two tracks were recorded during the album sessions, showing the more grand and atmospheric side of the band’s sound. Both tracks seem to stagger into being, stuttering and stalling before beginning to gain pace, eventually taking off, soaring with transcendent grandeur, before being unceremoniously swallowed by an Italian tape echo unit named Melos.

Eyes & No Eyes are also putting the final touches to an electronic side project EP exploring the extinction of birds, fish, languages and technology. The EP is more in the conceptual tradition of Matmos and Kraftwerk, using keyboards, drum machines, found sounds and samples.

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